Petroplast Co


Petroplast co. is another subsidiary of VIG That was established and started its activities inthe field of export and import more than 20 years ago. Annually , we export more than 50,000 MT / different grades of the following polymer /chemical materials to Turkey ,Russia , Ukrain ,georgia , and other CIS States.
1. Polyethylene ( High , Low and Linear density )
2. Polypropylene (copolymer – Homo Polymer)
3. Polyvinyl chlorid (PVC)
4. Polyethylene Terphetelate (PET)
5. ABS
6. Polystyrene
7. Mono Ethylene Glycol
8. De ethylene Gycol
9. TriethyleneGlycol
10. Ethnol Amine
Other Activities of Petroplast co. are asFollows :
1- Turkish / Taiwanese exclusive representative of the leading companies in the field of import and distribution of plastic machineries from Turkey , Taiwan and South Korea , including SERMAK – KURTULUSLAR and BILGLI.
2- Supply and export of Zinc Ingot and Copper with different purity to Turkey – Georgia and other CIS states.
3- Consulting services in transportation and plastic industry and installation and setting up to the related machineries.
Among the important objectives of the company, can be sumarized as follows:
1- Job creation and export development.
2- Encourage foreign investment in Iran