Farayand Shimi Sadra Company


Management of Shimi Sadra has been able to manage to take valuable efforts in plastic printing industries in a short period of time. By studying the needs and shortcoming of society, an action of development has been taken and we launch a line of printed stack 6 colors and 8 colors flexo printing machines (central cylinder) front and back, and also, stack printing machine with unique width of 2200mm in Iran and Middle East. Shimi Sadra is able to design and making stereotyping internally built with the benefit of modern technology, capable of printing on the BOPP – CPP – PET and PE. Twisting films with high quality, with a capacity of 9000/Mt Annually. The company is known as a premier manufacturer of injected components in Iran , is able to produce parts and components from 10 to 1400gr, mainly consuming industrial and engineering raw materials such as PP , ABS , PA used in Automotive / Packaging and other industrial branches is another brilliant capability of Shimi Sadra.

Among the most important Activities of the companies, the following is highlighted:

1. Printing on all kinds of labels, films up to 2200mm width.

2. Cutting and sewing advertising hand bags

3. Production of injection parts & Components up to 1400 gr.

4. Solvent – free laminate for laminating a variety of packaging films.

5. Cutting all kinds of films, labels and wrapping industrial and food packaging in customer’s desire width.

6. Designing and making Stereotyping for printing purpose on the packaging coverage in modern technology.